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Project List

Website - Update, add content, and then maintain.  Reported complete at 7-19-2023 board meeting

Roads -  CCM, Inc. has been hired for compliance.  The scope of work is to repave from Highway 41 up to the office/shop area and fill and patch all interior roads of the cemetery.  The project was awarded to Toste Grading & Paving, Inc. by the Trustees at the 10-17-23 meeting.  Work is scheduled to start January 22, 2024.  Entrance to the cemetery will be closed or limited during the project.  Before pictures are posted below and after pictures will be posted once the project has been completed.

May contain: road, outdoors, and tarmac
May contain: tar, road, and tarmac
May contain: tar, road, and tarmac

Tree work - Approved by Trustees 7-19-2023, project started 8-21-2023.  Three stages of work have been identified.  Dangerous trees that are 1. dead or dropping limbs  2. dying  3. the side hill in Section N.    The pine rounds pictured below may be picked up by members of the public at no cost for personal use.  You must bring your own truck or trailer and load them yourself.  The rounds are located in the uppermost part of the cemetery - drive up the hill past the office, down past section O.



Replace broken concrete water pipe - This is being done in sections, which allows us to continue minimal watering. The areas of the leak are being identified and the pipe and fittings are being replaced.  The extent of the underground leaks is unknown at this time.  A tree that was growing over the pipe was removed on 8-22-23.  Work will continue on this project as long as needed, we expect it to take at least 2 or 3 months.  There will be areas of dead grass due to the limitations of watering while this project is being completed.  On 9-21-23 the Trustees approved a Budget Adjustment for Fiscal Year 2023/2024 to complete this project.  The interior cemetery road between sections O and P will be closed for 4 or 5 days and no burials will be held on the days the work is being done.  The project has been rescheduled to start November 24th due to the contractor's schedule, delay in getting parts, and expected rainfall.

Cleaning of the slippage along the hillside is Section N - This work was done through the SLO County Sheriff's  Alternative Work Program.  Work started on 9-20-2023.  The debris was removed and the stones and rocks were lined up along the bottom of the hillside.  The project was completed on 10-11-2023.  There are 2 pictures below from the area at the beginning and  2 pictures at the end of the project.

May contain: tomb, outdoors, gravestone, and graveyard
May contain: tomb, outdoors, gravestone, and graveyard
May contain: path, soil, plant, vegetation, nature, outdoors, trail, rock, road, grass, wilderness, land, tree, woodland, rubble, backyard, yard, and scenery
May contain: rock, grass, plant, soil, slope, vegetation, path, nature, outdoors, wilderness, grove, land, tree, woodland, rubble, jungle, backyard, yard, road, trail, and park

Fencing - The metal posts and caution tape located just off the road between sections A-40 and D have been replaced with split rail fencing.  This project started on 10-19-2023 and was completed on 11-13-2023.  The work was done by cemetery staff and the SLO County Sheriff's  Alternative Work Program.

May contain: gravel, road, plant, vegetation, outdoors, ground, soil, tarmac, path, tree, land, and nature
May contain: plant, tree, grove, land, nature, outdoors, vegetation, woodland, soil, path, oak, grass, sycamore, road, tree trunk, trail, park, and gravel
May contain: plant, tree, vegetation, wood, backyard, nature, outdoors, yard, land, woodland, grove, fence, and path
May contain: outdoors, nature, yard, plant, tree, fence, vegetation, city, road, street, and urban
May contain: plant, vegetation, nature, outdoors, yard, land, tree, woodland, grove, fence, backyard, grass, and park

Well - Investigate the possibility of digging a well to use for cemetery irrigation purposes.

Expansion - This project is in the planning stages.  Identify areas already developed for more grave space.  Consider using phase 1 as indicated in the 2005 design concept for future grave space.  A second area is also being considered that would have more grave space.  The expected start date of Phase 1, is late 2024 or early 2025.


Image from 2005 concept planning
Image is from 2005 concept drawing
Concept Drawing for expansion
Phase 1 considerations.
May contain: chart, plot, plant, and vegetation
Another choice for Phase 1 is building a road from the "top" corner of Section O out and down to  a new section.
May contain: chart, diagram, plan, plot, plant, and vegetation
The new section would have more grave space than the lower section below section F.