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May contain: plant, tree, outdoors, nature, scenery, and countryside
Atascadero Cemetery sits up on a hill about 1 mile out of town and is surrounded by rolling hills.
May contain: grass, plant, path, tree, nature, outdoors, park, backyard, yard, car, transportation, vehicle, and sidewalk
The Atascadero Cemetery sits on a hill with terraced burial grounds and is covered in natural grasses and wild flowers.
May contain: grass, plant, graveyard, and outdoors
This is an older section of the cemetery, only flat markers are used now.
The cemetery is up the hill, off the 41 on Cemetery Road.  Drive slow, the road is narrow, and up hill.
The entrance to the cemetery is off highway 41, up a steep and winding narrow road - drive slow.
Section P
Section P
There are several flower gardens that contain both planted and wild flowers.
May contain: plant, tree, animal, deer, mammal, wildlife, road, vegetation, tarmac, antelope, impala, tree trunk, land, nature, outdoors, and woodland
Deer can be seen from time to time in and around the cemetery.
May contain: animal, deer, mammal, wildlife, antelope, and road
May contain: architecture, building, wall, rock, plant, tree, rubble, animal, zoo, path, slate, and stone wall
This fox was lounging in the shade on one of our many stone walls.
May contain: plant and vegetation
Red Hot Poker Plants along the road in Section O
May contain: plant, vegetation, and flower
May contain: grass, plant, vegetation, grove, land, nature, outdoors, tree, woodland, field, grassland, park, bench, furniture, backyard, and yard
Section Q